I am Dave Davenport, aged 68.  I live in Kingsclere, Hampshire, UK.

I have been a masters swimmer for the last 25 years.  I learnt how to swim properly, how to train and how to compete with Basingstoke Masters and with Bracknell Masters. 

Since then I have had varying degrees of success at regional, national and international level.   Best of all I have really enjoyed the 'Fun Fitness and Friendship' that our sport can bring to us all.

To get off our couches though, to get to training, to put in the requisite 'hard yards' and finally to get those 'entry forms' sent off in time, all requires MOTIVATION!     

That's where this spreadsheet helps me a lot, and hopefully it will help you too!

Basingstoke Bluefins Masters Swimmers coach, Neil Jackson, inspired the group to greater things, a few years back, by introducing us to the idea of 1,000,000 metre challenges.   His original monchrome spreadsheet has metamorphosed into ever more colourful versions, that now includes graphs, charts and predictions!

I hope that you enjoy using it as much as I do!

Happy laps!