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The FREE target setting Excel spreadsheet for all


swimmers, walkers, cyclists, runners, rowers...... ......but mainly swimmers!!





I hope 2018 was a good year for you and that target setting was motivating and was as much fun for you as it was for me, at times - June injury excluded!

(see chart below for effect of injury on my June swimming distance)


My 2019 plans


  • More regular club sessions for me as my shoulder gets stronger and stronger - much improved at the moment but I have had several false-dawns over the last 6 years.


  • LC SE region & Welsh Nats & SC SE & Nationals booked/planned



My 2018 Review


  • Bad chest injury in June during LC Nats
  • Catching up a bit now - new target set too
  • SC Nationals went well in October - no shoulder after-shocks :)

click each image to enlarge



8th Jan 2019 2019 v1.2 available

'forecast' chart bug swatted

new 10-year data display added


25th Dec 2018 2019 v1.1 available


7th Feb 2018 2018 v1.2 available

'average speed check' chart bug swatted


30th Dec 2017 2018 v1.1 available

"2018" added

'basic' version dropped

various bugs sorted from 2017 v2.9


18th Dec 2016 2017 v1.1 available

"2017" added

'advanced' version added


31st Dec 2015 2016 v1.1 available

"2016" added

new features included

some color corrections


31st Jan 2015 News Flash:- CloudOn issues!

Cloud On is dead in the water - long live Excel :(


5th Jan 2015 2015 v2.1.1 available

unit selection activated for MACs


31st Dec 2014 2015 v2.1 available

"2015" added


31st Dec 2014 2015 v2.0 available

extra features added


20th Dec 2014 2015 v1.4 available

chart corrections made


15th Dec 2014 2015 v1.3 available


13th Dec 2014 'new version' beta available

(+ Dave's example sheet)


9th Dec 2014 2014 download available

M&M 2019

available NOW


  • click for FREE download



New Version includes:

  • a new 10 year display and
  • a minor bug fix to forecast chart



What to do next:


  1. read the 'Hints for New Users' to avoid disappointment


  1. click on the link above to download and SAVE the new M&M

on your desktop computer


  1. enter your target distance - click on your choice of units



















  1. Optional: enter your venue codes - you have total freedom of choice here

and can change your mind later too!











  1. do your swims - enter distances - Optional: enter venue code and

minutes swimming



















  1. check the My Stats page for analyses - see how close to

the target swim line you are


















  1. Optional: Enter your previous years swim totals (on the JAN page)

- and see where your 2019 forecast is taking you :)









these images show:-

(above) my previous years (2018 not completed)

(right) how they display on the 2019 MyStats page


NB - this will change once the new year gets started

with the 2018 data included!!




New design features for 2019

  • language options available - apologies for any


  • previous years 'M&M totals' achieved can be input for a new

chart experience!


New design features for 2018

  • 2017 'advanced' version is the now the standard version this year


New design features for 2017

  • smoother/clearer data entry
  • 'basic' version and new 'advanced' version


New design features for 2016

  • easier to change chart units using 'Excel for iPad/iPhone'
  • 'todays swims' distance included on 'My Stats' page


New design features for 2015

  • your target can be set in miles, yards or metres
  • the new target that appears for the NEXT month is dependent on progress so far in previous months.

(BUT with your target for the whole year firmly in focus!!)

  • you can enter data in miles, yards, meters or any combination in any one day!!



Hints for new users:


STEP 1:PC or MAC with MS Excel (2007 or later)


  1. download the file above onto your desktop PC or MAC and SAVE AS with a new file name

(e.g. "Dave's swims 2019"; "Anita's rows 2019"; "Pedro's cycles 2019"


  1. set a target for the year on the 'My Stats' page, revisiting it several times in the first month or so if you are not sure the level to set it at first time. entering 'venue codes' are optional


  1. start entering each training distance ('venue codes' and 'times' are optional ) for each day of the month and then check on your progress on the 'My Stats' page


*Experienced users will probably want a copy to be saved in the cloud to access from anywhere, on any device - see my solution below.




Hints for not so new users - using mobile devices:


STEP 2: Using iPad & iPhone (NOT to be done before step 1)


Ipads and iPhones CANNOT import these, highly formatted, Excel files directly

without messing them up completely!!!!! - try it and see !


You will need to use Excel for iPad or Excel for iPhone


My Workaround Method - there are other ways and other clouds to do this!


  • Use your PC to open a free Dropbox account
  • Save a copy of the M&M spreadsheet into Dropbox.
  • Load the free app Excel for iPad into your iPad/iPhone and link it with Dropbox
  • Open the spreadsheet by opening Excel for iPad, then select the Dropbox folder, then click on the spreadsheet you want to open





  • After entering new training data it is VERY important to either SAVE the data or exit propely from one device before using a different device. This helps Dropbox to know exactly which copy is your latest copy!

  • If you do make a mess of it, Dropbox has an easy way of REVERTing to a previous version!


  • The app 'Excel for iPad' is available free and will nearly do everything you need, via Dropbox (or similar Cloud Storage).


  • 'Excel for iPad' cannot use the unit 'option buttons' to change the chart units - but you can easily change all of them, on ALL charts, at the same time, using the yellow box numbers on the My Stats page.




Remember to Google every time you get stuck with anything

- there's loads of help out there






Technology that we are using successfully at home

(there are many other ways of doing this I believe):


  • ipads with Excel for iPad app, linked to Dropbox
  • iphone 7 with Excel for iPad app, linked to Dropbox
  • iMac + Excel for Mac, linked to Dropbox
  • PC with Windows 10 + Excel, linked to Dropbox


All devices are able to access the spreadsheet in use, via Dropbox, so that the latest data is accessible from any device.


The latest spreadsheet copy is automatically loaded into the memory of ALL our devices - if/as they are switched on.


This means it is available to view or enter data on any device at any time we choose anywhere in the world. Brilliant!


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